Caring for your newborn's bedding

Having a baby in the house is not only boundless happiness, but also the emergence of new worries. A newborn baby's hygiene is very different from that of adults. The delicate organism of a newborn baby requires special attention in the choice and care of its belongings.

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This also applies to bedding - the baby has a very delicate and sensitive skin, prone to allergies and irritations. Therefore, the choice and care of bedding for the newborn has a lot of features.

How often should the bedding be changed for the newborn?

Newborn babies sleep most of the day, and spend the rest of the time in bed - so comfort and cleanliness in it are of great importance. Fresh linen - it is safety and a restful sleep of your baby, so the answer to the question - how often to change the bedding for a newborn - is simple: as often as possible! Even if outwardly it looks clean, the change should still be made at least once a week: the smallest particles of skin, sebum and dust accumulate on the bedding.

Frequent changes of bed linen are especially important if you have pets: bed linen gets dirty not only from direct contact with the skin, but also from the air - tiny particles of pet hair and dander may get on it.

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Deciding whether to change the bedding often for the newborn, remember: an accumulation of dust and dirt is a breeding ground for dust mites, which can be very damaging to the immune system of the baby. So do not be lazy to replace at least once a week, and preferably more often.

How do I wash my newborn's bedding?

The most important aspect of care is the washing of newborn linens. Surely grandmothers will insist on boiling the bedding - that's how they used to achieve its maximum cleanliness and safety. With the advent of modern appliances and laundry products, this procedure is not necessary at all: you can properly wash and sanitize your baby's bedding in other ways:

  • All baby items, including bedding, are washed separately from everything else;
  • Only use hypoallergenic laundry detergents approved for children's clothes;
  • A thorough rinse is mandatory;
  • Dry the laundry in the machine or at home - drying outdoors may introduce dust and dirt.

At what temperature should I wash my newborn's underwear? If your washing machine has a special mode (this is a common option in modern appliances), the procedure will be easier - you do not need to bother with additional settings. If there is no such a function, the pre-boil program comes in handy - many modern machines are also equipped with it. If it is not available, you will have to set a high temperature for washing - 90-95 degrees. If you bought good linens for your baby, it will not fade and will not "shrink.

After the standard wash be sure to run an additional rinse program - you need to remove the remaining detergent and foam from the items as much as possible. Washing baby's underwear in the washing machine allows you to do it with minimal effort and time.

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What to wash the underwear of newborns - choose the product

In today's market there are many different means, than you can wash the underwear of a newborn. Previously, household soap was used for this purpose - some still use this method. Soap shavings really is a safe detergent, but modern laundry detergents for baby clothes are still better - they do not cause allergies, wash well, rinse out easily, have no odor.

Wash your baby's bedding and clothes with a special powder. On the package of such a means must be labeled "0+" (or written "for washing baby clothes").

What should be a good laundry detergent for newborns? The basic rules:

  • The powder should not smell strongly;
  • It should not contain fragrances and chlorine, the best choice is phosphate-free eco-powders;
  • Pay attention to the expiration date, so as not to buy an expired product;
  • Powder should be stored according to the rules indicated on the package;
  • Do not use too much powder: follow the recommended doses.

When washing in a washing machine, you must always use detergent designed for them - powder for hand washing in this case is not suitable.

How do I iron baby linens?

After washing, you should also iron the baby's bedding properly. It will help to disinfect the product and kill the germs that appeared during the drying process. In addition, it is better for the baby to sleep on soft and smooth bedding - folds and creases will not rub against the skin.

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Always iron the linen of a newborn baby from both sides, preferably using steam in the process - it will help to get rid of germs. Gradually stop two-sided ironing is allowed no sooner than after the complete healing of the umbilical wound in the baby.

What to choose bedding for a newborn - tips

To the questions of how to iron than wash baby's underwear and how often to change it, solved more easily, you should choose the right sets in the crib. Bedding for babies today presented a variety of sets from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

For a newborn baby it is better to buy children's bedding:

  • Material, which should be natural, hypoallergenic and easy to care for, allow washing at high temperature and ironing with steam. Optimal - cotton (sateen, calico, Ruford, percale);
  • Seamless or with hidden seams, and the total absence of any fasteners and small details (zippers, buttons, buttons, embroidery, and so on), which can come into contact with your baby's skin during sleep;
  • Choose calm, light shades or white sets with light patterns - bright colors will disturb your baby's sleep, and saturated colors can be toxic.

Knowing which bedding is best for a newborn, and knowing how to properly care for it, you will ensure the maximum safety of your baby, protecting him from possible problems: dermatitis, irritation, allergic reactions. Make happiness the most enjoyable by giving your baby the most valuable thing of all - health!